Bleep Bloop: Playboy Mansion [Click to watch]

Maybe there is a Hugh Hefner left.


Tim Duncan is Getting Warm and Cozy With a Fan [Best Photobomb]
Closer than court-side seats.


What if Batman was the Joker?

That was the caption on the teaser image released in 2009. Mark Millar’s favourite caption didn’t get used. That caption said “What if Batman was a total cunt?

The most intelligent man in the world as well as the only super villain, Nemesis has one simple goal; Make the lives of the best cops a hellish nightmare.


Shark Attack II

This was the 2nd BearShark comic ever made and now it’s a Nintendo 3DS game! 

We dare you to download it

Red Son Superman

Red Son Superman


Many people express concern when I tell them that Batman is my favourite superhero. This is mostly because they disagree with my stance that he should be counted a “superhero” in the first place and contend that “he is really just someone with a lot of money and no superpowers.”

Well, I guess…